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What Makes us Different?

Chicago Professional Center teaches HVAC Technician/Electrician course which includes PLC training. Even before your formal graduation, you could get your Electrician License, EPA HVAC Technician Certificate, Universal R-410A Refrigerant Certificate, Power Engineer License (optional). You may see our results with just a small example of positions that our graduates have been hired for upon graduating from our school.


Start a challenging, new career!


Many of our students have been hired as electricians for Amtrak, Metra, Union Pacific, CTA and other railroad companies. Both Amtrak and Metra choose to hire electricians with knowledge of HVAC because of their use of passenger cars. The C.B. Kramer,Imperial Tankless, Premium Mechanical, and other HVAC companies prefer to hire our students because apart from the traditional HVAC training, they also have extensive electrical training. Neiman Marcus, Greek-American Nursing Home, Allstate and many others have hired our graduates as Building Engineers. Our graduates have also been hired in the position of Maintenance for Bally Total Fitness, National Pizza, KOSH Factory and many other commercial, industrial and manufacturing companies. Also, thanks to our former graduate’s satisfaction in their experience with our school and our staff, we have developed many positive relationships in the industry.

Rest assured, once your own efforts are combined with certifications and career counseling, finding a secure position will not be much of a hassle, even in today’s economy. Chicago Professional Center offers intensive career counseling for life!


Another attractive possibility would be getting into a Labor Union!!! With a Union you will not only get amazing benefits, but also a very compatible pay. By the way, before getting into this business, the school’s Director, held a position of a local chairman of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 794.


Many of our students, however, choose a different route. As soon as they gain enough experience in their field of expertise, whether in HVAC, Electrical, PLC, Green Technology, and/or Building Engineer, they have the ability to open their own business. Who wouldn’t want to be their own boss! As you continue to explore our website, you will find numerous testimonies and more than 120 business cards of former students who started their own successful business.

Chicago Professional Center is approved to operate by the Division of Private Business and Vocational Schools of the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

July 19th 2021

Evening Class

6:00pm - 10:00pm

July 19th 2021

Morning Class

8:30am - 12:30pm


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