R-410A Certification

As more manufacturers build air conditioning equipment using the HFC R-410A, it is important that contractors and technicians understand the safety, safe handling, proper charging, operating characteristics and proper applications of this refrigerant. 

The EPA has established the phase out of the HCFC R-22 with no production or importing beginning in 2020. However, manufacturers of air conditioning equipment must phase out the use of HCFC R-22 in new equipment by January 1, 2010.

Many manufacturers have already started this process and are building specially designed systems that utilize R-410A. The newly designed R-410A systems employ thicker walled tubing, newly developed compressors, components and a higher grade oil that requires different installation and service procedures.

R-410A is a near azeotropic mixture and is presently marketed under the brand names of Puron, Suva 410A, and Gentron AZ-20.


These newly manufactured R-410A air conditioning systems will require contractors and technicians to shift to different tools and equipment, safety standards and fundamentals when installing, changing out (retrofitting) older split A/C systems, and repairing systems in the field.

  • We need to know why R-410A can only be used in equipment specifically designed and constructed for R-410A, and cannot be retrofitted from R-22 systems.

  • We need to know why R-410A operates at considerably higher pressures and requires the use of special tanks, gauges and recovery equipment, and how to properly handle R-410A for the safety of everyone.

  • We know why all refrigerant flow controls, valves and driers have changed and must be properly applied with newly designed and built compressors.


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