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As a simple experiment, we asked our students who got jobs to send us their resumes. Here's what we found: their resumes didn't fit typical formats, but still effectively delivered results. Though they don't strictly follow standard advice from professional resume writers, our students get hired, often to excellent positions. Based on these findings, we established a unique, winning format for resumes that we recommend to our graduates. They may not be fancy, but our resumes make clear and give emphasis to the right information about applicants' skills. 

As an example, under "Objective", most people go into long, detailed explanations about why they want to work for a company.


OBJECTIVE: To grow with a company in a position allowing for application of my technical and quantitative skills obtained from my extensive work experience., etc.

Though it sounds nice, it's not clear in stating what position is sought. It can be better to indicate it more straightforwardly:

OBJECTIVE: Maintenance / Building Engineer

We also recommend listing how much experience you have in certain fields. It helps to include numbers of years of experience in the "Professional Summary" (see sample below).


8 years experience in electrical installation & troubleshooting
5 years experience in plumbing & carpentry maintenance
4 years experience in painting, tiling & basic construction

An HR manager will go through numerous resumes based on the needs of their company or institution. They may need positions filled with someone who has at least 2 years of experience in the required field. Your resume will “pop out” when they see your qualifications right at the top. Saving them from having to go through your whole resume history will be appreciated as a time saver. At a glance, they'll be able to see what type of experience, how long, and in what fields you are an expert in. 

Here is one example from our pool of winning job resumes:




4 years of experience in troubleshooting small appliances
1 year of experience in electrical installation
1 year of experience in plumbing


Electrician, Fortune Electric, Skokie, IL, 1997 – present time
* Residential electrical installation up to 220 volts
Security Officer, Metro Security Force, Chicago, IL, 20067 – 2007
Plumber, V. M. Bazer Family Plumbing, Round Lake, IL, 20057 – 2006
* Residential & commercial plumbing installation
Small Appliances Technician, Sikama, Kaunas, Lithuania, 20017 – 2005
* Basic electrical troubleshooting of small appliances
* Minor plumbing installation
* Mechanical troubleshooting of small appliances
Mechanic, Anerita, Kaunas, Lithuania, 19917 – 1992
* Body work
* Suspension repair


2007 ESCO Institute, Morton Grove, IL, Certified HVAC Technician, Universal Type
2007 Chicago Professional Center, Wheeling, IL, HVAC Technician
2007 Village of Downers Grove, Electrical License


Available upon request


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